*Director terms end at the adjournment of the Annual Meeting in the year listed after each Director's name.

President Directors

Name & TermRole & Email  Additional Roles
Lisa Kyriakides ('25) President: president@ogehr.ca
 Programs: programs@ogehr.ca

 Chair: Board ('25)
 Programs ('26)

 Tina Burden ('24) Vice President: vice-president@ogehr.ca 
 Rob Cairns ('25) Past-President: past-president@ogehr.ca Chair: Development ('25)

Officer Directors

Name & Term  Role & EmailAdditional Roles 
 Helen Coxon ('27)Corresponding and Recording Secretary:  secretary@ogehr.ca 
 Joanne Gray ('25) Membership Secretary: membership@ogehr.ca 
 Joanna Fleischmann ('26) Treasurer: treasurer@ogehr.ca Chair: Bursary & Scholarship ('26)


 Name & TermRole & Email 
 Amy Baker ('26) Director: director@ogehr.ca
 Rob Cairns ('26) Chair 2025 Festival: festivalchair@ogehr.ca
 Kim Leitch ('25)
 Kim Leitch ('27)
 Chair Communications: communications@ogehr.ca
 Chair Governance: governance@ogehr.ca
 Dominique Moreau ('27) Chair Education: education@ogehr.ca
 Jennifer Schafer ('26) Chair Area Representatives: areareps@ogehr.ca

Questions about OGEHR and activities? Contact communications@ogehr.ca
Question about Membership? Contact membership@ogehr.ca

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