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Welcome to the OGEHR Store. We are now experimenting with online products and purchases. Our hope is to make it easier for you at festivals and to also provide some interesting and useful products! 

Currently we are learning how things will work behind the scenes. Once we are comfortable with the logistics, we will introduce more products!

When you return you will notice things moving around a bit as we add pages and divide into items the public can access and things only available to our members.

Digital Downloads 

Please note: This page is public. If you are logged in as a member your information will automatically be filled in when checking out. Otherwise you will need to type in your info.

Do you have a product we might offer for sale to our membership?

Would you like to sell your compositions or arrangements through our store? 

What types of products (both physical and digital) would you like to see made available?

Please send your comments to: president@ogehr.ca

Questions about OGEHR and activities? Contact communications@ogehr.ca
Question about Membership? Contact membership@ogehr.ca

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